“In this house, we don’t hide our scars. We don’t hide anything.”

—Jasmine Williams
Someone To Kiss My Scars
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"Powerful. Original. Deeply felt and convincing." — Kirkus Reviews
Hunter needs to remember. Jazz needs to forget. They need each other to heal in this teen thriller of survivor love.


Hunter and Jazz kiss each other’s scars and form a bond of empathy no two teens should ever need.

Now Available in French

Hunter a besoin de se souvenir. Jazz a besoin d’oublier. Ils ont besoin l’un de l’autre pour guérir, dans ce thriller adolescent sur l’amour rescapé.

Hunter et Jazz prennent soin des blessures l’un de l’autre, et se lient avec une force de solidarité dont aucun adolescent ne devrait avoir besoin.

Abuse of Children

I live in Alaska where adults suffer three times the national average of rape and where children suffer six times the national average. Fifty percent of women in Alaska experience sexual violence during their lifetime, either from intimate partners or others or both. Yet most of their stories remain conveniently hidden behind graphs and spreadsheets.


Across this country one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn eighteen years old. That’s a lot of teens suffering from a “hidden” problem to remain on the fringes of public consciousness, but there it looms—statistics without a human face or scream.


Twenty-five percent of girls (much higher in some states) and about ten percent of boys self harm, numbers which continue to increase. Many of our youth are cutting and burning themselves, yet this activity remains not only a secret, but also continues to carry the label, for some, of a disgusting, perverse aberration which shouldn’t be discussed lest it infect more teens.

Someone To Kiss My Scars presents Hunter and Jazz, teens who have suffered greatly because of adult indifference to their pain.

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